~ November 2007~

What Intuition Can Do For You

“The only really valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein

I am a champion of intuition. We don’t need psychics. We don’t need to call three friends every time we’re unclear about a decision. We don’t have to spend hours engaged in the ping pong match in our heads when we’re confused. In one form or another, numerous clients have said, “I know I’d be more fulfilled in a job if I followed my passion, but I don’t know what my passion is.” Or, “I have too many creative interests. I don’t know where to focus my time and energy.” Others struggle with daily practical decisions, e.g. which diet to try or appliance to purchase.


All of the answers you need are within you. I read that and heard it for years until it finally sank in after numerous painful lessons learned from not following my intuition. I began to experience the tangible results of following my intuition in everything from finding parking places to choosing right livelihood, the ‘right’ friends and a town to live in that completely suits me. This wise counsel is available 24 hours a day wherever you are, however you may be feeling, in sickness and in health. Also, you don’t have to wait for hunches or spontaneous insights to get the clarity you need. Intuition lives right below the surface of your conscious mind and is actually easy to access. You simply need to develop the habit of directing your attention there, have some tools on hand and have the willingness to act on what you know.


What can you expect in your life if you follow your intuition? You will have clarity and accuracy in all of your decisions. As a result of this, you become efficient and effective in all that you do. You will have more energy throughout the day because you’re not struggling with yourself, trying to ‘figure it all out. ‘ You make choices that are based on your true needs and values because you know what those needs and values are. Relationships improve. You gain a clear sense of who is really a fit for you. You trust the Yes and No signals that were probably there when you first met this friend, business or romantic partner. You may have been listening to your thoughts or to what others told you was right for you rather than your own heart. You gain insight into who your friends, coworkers and family members really are. You’re able to read subtle cues about people, often aware of things about them they can’t see themselves. You acquire deeper insights into your own patterns in relationship. Communication is enhanced because of the clarity you have about yourself and others. You develop confidence. You are now your own authority, which is a great esteem-builder. You trust yourself and stop giving your power away to others.


Pir Vilayat Khan, a Sufi teacher, said, “The bind is in the mind.” The world looks small if we only look through the lens of the thinking mind. We feel small, as well, because we’re only living out of a fraction of our magnificent potential. Intuition widens our vision. We see that we are so much more than our thoughts would have us believe.



  1. Find a comfortable place to sit for 15-20 minutes. Think about a current life situation and formulate a question about it. For example, how can I improve communication with my sister? How can I overcome a creative block?

  2. Relaxation and centering. Check in with your body, adjusting your position in any ways that you need to. Close your eyes and take a few minutes to sit quietly as you begin to focus your attention inwardly. Mentally scan your body, noticing any areas of tension and gradually begin to allow relaxation to flow into those spots. Let yourself become more and more relaxed. Take 3 or 4 slow, deep breaths.

  3. Imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature, perhaps a place you’ve been to before or one you imagine now for the first time. Explore this environment, noticing sounds, colors, the feel of the air on your skin and how you feel in this place. An intuition figure, something or someone that represents wisdom to you, is going to join you in your nature sanctuary. An eagle, a dolphin, redwood tree or a sage may appear. This figure is a symbol of your inner wisdom and is here to guide you and help you in your life. You can speak with this figure and ask questions as you would to a dear friend. Ask your question, then open yourself to a response which may come through words or in some other form that will be understandable to you. If you are not clear, you can ask for clarity. Spend as much time as you like in dialogue with this symbol of your intuition, knowing that you can return to this place and have this exchange whenever you want. You can work with the same figure in the same place or a different figure in a different environment. Do what works for you.

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In 2008 I will offer Claiming Your Bright Shadow: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live and other courses, including Intuition Development and Taming the Inner Critic as TeleClasses. All you need is a phone. More information will be provided in future newsletters and on the Upcoming Events link on my homepage. I will continue to offer groups and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.




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