~ June 2007~

Intuition: Aligning with Truth

“What lies behind us and lies before us are small matters

compared to what lies within us.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s a typical morning when I remember to listen to (and follow) my intuition. When I wake up I take a few minutes and ask myself, “What do I really want to do first: Tea? Shower? Stretch for a few minutes? Breakfast? Write in my journal?” I look for the ‘inner click’ and let that be my guide. When I begin my day in this way, I know I’m off to the right start, i.e. ‘on my beam,' as my daughter, Heidi, says. In the middle of my contemplation the phone rings. Rather than jump to answer it, I ask myself, “Do I want to see who it is, or get back to it later?” I check inside, decide that I do want to see who it is, discover that it’s Heidi, answer a quick question and return to my inner check-in. What feels right in the next moment? Where’s the click? Tea is the answer I get, so I walk downstairs to the kitchen to prepare Chai. And so goes the day. The priority is to keep checking in with my deep sense of knowing, regardless of what life presents in any given moment, no matter what’s on my to-do list – all day long – let all decisions come from my intuitive sense of knowing. It’s a magical day; not that every minute is wonderful, or even pleasant; there are numerous challenges that need to be navigated. It’s a magical day because I’m being faithful to my deeper self and to the truth of each moment. That feels wonderful.

In every moment we can choose to listen and be led by the voice of inner wisdom or by the familiar aggregates of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and images which comprise our personalities. Will fear or clear knowing direct us when we choose where to send our resume? Will we sign up for another computer course rather than piano lessons because it’s what we truly want to do or because we think the computer training is the more ‘reasonable’ choice? Which voice inside of us chooses? How can we make important decisions and choices throughout the day that are aligned with our truths?

Intuition is the essential language of the soul and can assist us in everything from finding parking places to making intelligent financial decisions to discovering our life’s purpose and how best to achieve it. We don’t have to wait for hunches or spontaneous insights. Intuition, like spirit, is ever-present. In fact, it is the essence of who we are and when we make a priority of attending to its sometimes quiet messages, every choice becomes a right choice.


Choose one hour a day for the next week and make listening to your intuition a priority for that hour. Each time you have to make a decision, quiet yourself and check in with your inner knowing before choosing. Look for a click, a feeling of rightness. The knowing may be subtle; at times a whisper in the back of your mind or a slight sensation in your solar plexus. Listen deeply and carefully. Then act on what you know.

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July 13-15, 2007  

The Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis is presenting its annual conference, entitled Bridging Spirit and Action, at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California. Debbie Ford will be presenting the keynote address, “The Gifts of Psychosynthesis” and I will present a workshop entitled “The Trapped Muse: Obstacles in the Creative Process.” Other presentations relating to the integration of psychology and spirituality will also be offered. For more information, contact www.aap-psychosynthesis.org.


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