Spiritual Mentoring

In Spiritual Mentoring sessions you will develop the capacity to be fully present to the totality of your human nature and your infinite nature. Everything is included. You will learn to abide in your timeless essence in the midst of everyday life.

Individual coaching sessions offer the opportunity to:

  • Recognize the unconditioned awareness that is ever-present and available regardless of whatever thoughts, feelings or actions may be occurring
  • Access and deepen your connection to intuitive knowing and learn how to bring your personal concerns and questions to this boundless source of wisdom and guidance
  • Transform restrictive habitual patterns
  • Bring forward your unique potentials and discover how to be of service in ways that express your gifts and strengths
  • Recognize our fundamental non-separation from others and all phenomena

Sessions are one hour and are available on Skype, Zoom, phone or in-person in San Rafael, California. I offer a FREE 45 minute introductory session.