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Transformational Writing:

Writing for Healing and Spiritual Growth


Classes, Workshops and Individual Sessions

"Writing bridges the inner and outer worlds and connects the paths

of action and reflection."  ~ Christina Baldwin


Through the use of writing processes and guided imagery, you will experience the power of writing to help you:

*Clarify values, direction and purpose

*Acknowledge and develop your strengths

*Tap into your inner wisdom

*Identify spiritual turning points in your life

*Discover the spiritual lessons in past and current life situations

*Learn how to ‘unhook’ from difficult mind states and view issues and events from a larger perspective

*Shape new life stories that reflect your true nature

Using writing and guided imagery we will explore the following themes in 2009:

May - Soul Solutions: Finding Intuitive Answers to Everyday Questions

June - Trust and Intuition: What Gets in the Way?

July - What You Feed, Grows: Developing 'Seed Potentials'

August - The Wisdom of blacks

September - Getting Unstuck: Techniques to Overcome Obstacles

October - Quieting the Voice of the Inner Critic

November - Meet Your 'Positive Selves': Psychosynthesis Subpersonality Process

December - The Wisdom of the Body

This monthly group meets the second Sunday of every month

College Avenue, Oakland, CA

Drop-ins are welcome

Sliding scale of $35-$45 per session

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS are available in person or by phone. For a FREE CONSULTATION, click link below.