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Writing from the Soul:

Writing for Creative Expression and Spiritual Growth

Groups, workshops and individual sessions


In Writing from the Soul groups and workshops you will learn processes to free your imagination, explore varied writing exercises that will bring out and develop your natural writing voice and work with tools to overcome writer’s block.


Ongoing groups

Alternate Thursdays  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm in San Rafael, California


Individual Coaching Sessions

Coaching in all aspects of the writing process:


*Discover your natural writing voice


*Gain momentum and develop confidence in writing


*Clarify and set attainable goals


*Overcome writer's block


*Organize your time so there is room for writing in your life


*Start and/or finish writing projects




We will explore areas that are relevant to you and work together to effect desired changes in your writing life.


Coaching sessions are available in person or by phone.