Soul Care for Difficult Times

Even if you are not directly impacted by the economic turbulence, political unrest, or unsettling climate change, we are all affected by the fear and uncertainty that is in the air.  Life keeps showing us that there are no guarantees and that answers can’t be found ‘out there.’  Where can we find peace of mind?  The soul, our deepest essence, is a wonderful place to turn to for security and fulfillment.  I think our souls may be smiling these days because more and more of us are turning in that direction.  The ego’s losses are often the soul’s greatest gain.  Here are some tools and ideas for soul care in these challenging times. Continue reading “Soul Care for Difficult Times”

5 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles

Are you stuck in a particular area of your life?  Are you procrastinating with regard to a project?  Do you want to write, exercise, or reorganize your closets, but find yourself putting everything else first?  Do you have a vision for a new career, but can’t take action on your ideas?  Are you in an unfulfilling relationship, but don’t know how to leave?  Here are some tips for getting unstuck. Continue reading “5 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles”