Your Creative Spirit: Then and Now

At your core, you are boundlessly creative. The creative force is the life force that streams through your being.  Tapping into this effervescent stream is a way to restore your aliveness and awaken your passion for life.  When you move into this current, you can express these energies in the form of paintings, essays, songs, or, perhaps, new possibilities for solving problems.  You may develop an innovative presentation or turn a nondescript backyard into a magical garden. You become vital and affirmative towards life, for you are bringing something new into being. In awakening to creativity, you awaken to the life within and all around you. Continue reading “Your Creative Spirit: Then and Now”

What Blocks the Muse?

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
– Picasso

What holds us back from honoring and following our impulses to write a screenplay, take tango lessons, or develop a comedy routine? When we discover a creative means of expression that ignites our passion, awakens joy in us, and restores our vitality, why do we so easily relegate this activity to the bottom of the to-do list? Why do we allow creativity to be peripheral, if even that, in our lives, that thing we do when all the practical considerations are taken care of? Continue reading “What Blocks the Muse?”

For Art to Appear…..

We highly value success, winning, achieving goals, and getting results in this culture.  We are conditioned to do, to produce, to get somewhere.  The tendency for many, if not most, of us is to bring this goal-oriented mentality to everything that we do, including creative expression.  Focusing too much on goals can inhibit the creative process. Continue reading “For Art to Appear…..”

Imagine Creativity!

Self-guided imagery is a powerful tool that can help you awaken creativity in your life. Imagery emanates from the unconscious and, in fact, is the language of the unconscious. The process of “seeding” and actualizing creative ideas can be greatly enhanced if we reach beyond the limits of the linear, analytical mind and include material from the imaginal realm of the psyche in the creative process. Continue reading “Imagine Creativity!”

Awakening Your Creativity

The creative force is the life force.  It is the deep river of aliveness that can course through your being and awaken joy and life-giving energies in you if you welcome it into your life.  Creative expression is not reserved for poets, actors, and artists.  You can express creativity in parenting, cooking, gardening, or building a business.  You will smile and shine more in every area of your life if you open the doors to your imagination and innovative spirit. Continue reading “Awakening Your Creativity”

You Are Creative!

I often hear people say “I’m not creative.”  I feel sad when I hear that because I know it’s not true, and that they’re disowning something that is their birthright.  I also know that if and when they claim their creativity they will be happier and healthier.  They will thrive. They’ll recapture some of the ease, joy, and freedom they felt as children, and may now sense as a possibility within themselves. Continue reading “You Are Creative!”

Creativity is Good Medicine

Creativity is healing to the body, mind and spirit. In The Creative Connection, Dr. Natalie Rogers writes, “Creativity is a life force energy that flows like a river through each of us.” When we create we tap into this moving current and express these life-giving energies in the form of songs, paintings, essays or, perhaps, new possibilities for solving problems. We develop innovative presentations or turn nondescript backyards into magical gardens. We become vital and affirmative toward life when we create for we are bringing something new into being. In awakening to creativity, we awaken to the life within and all around us. Poetry Therapist James Leedy says, “Creativity builds on the innate facet of every person’s inheritance, Eros, the will to live.” Continue reading “Creativity is Good Medicine”

We Always Want it to be Springtime

We often equate creativity with inspiration, flow, abundance and productivity. We thrive on those magical moments when the muse is fluidly moving through us. Words effortlessly spill onto the page or the plans for a vegetable garden click into place and the garden seems to create itself. We feel the vitality of new beginnings, the satisfaction of complete immersion in our project. We’re expanded and overflowing with possibilities. We love these ‘peak experiences’, as psychologist Abraham Maslow aptly called them. These experiences are rich and wonderful, of course. Continue reading “We Always Want it to be Springtime”