Nonstop Writing

I write in my journal most mornings for 45 minutes to an hour. For awhile now, as part of this morning writing, I take 10-15 minutes to engage in the practice of keeping my hand moving as I write. I don’t stop to reflect or, in any way, move attention away from the direct experience of writing whatever shows up moment to moment. Continue reading “Nonstop Writing”

Writing and Transformation

Writing has been my “secret tunnel” since my early teens when I landed in the power of writing to help me get through a six month period of being homebound with mononucleosis. My home tutor gave me my first diary and wisely instructed me to approach diary writing with no rules – to take out the stops and let my heart’s secrets spill onto the page without censoring.  In addition, my pediatrician, who made regular housecalls, asked me what my favorite things to do were, and I shyly admitted that I had two shoeboxes filled with poems under my bed.  He said that he’d been writing poetry himself since high school and that he, too, had kept them tucked away in boxes.  He encouraged me to write more, and to read him one poem each time he visited.  He promised to read one of his, as well.  My diary and poetry turned out to be the best medicine I could imagine.  It seemed like the universe was conspiring to turn me on to the healing gifts of writing. Continue reading “Writing and Transformation”

Deep Writing Practices

Writing heals.  Writing transforms.  Writing makes the invisible visible.  You can use writing to bypass the thinking mind and take you to new heights and depths.  When you write from your soul you can tap into the shadow, the hidden corners of your psyche, thus shining light on forgotten memories and unhealed wounds from the past.  In addition, inner wisdom, which resides just below the surface of conscious awareness, becomes available to you.  At times you access the imaginal realms and discover images, symbols, and sensory impressions.  You also gain access to the vastness, the deep silence at the core of your Being.  Continue reading “Deep Writing Practices”