Intuition Mentoring

In one-on-one Intuition Mentoring sessions we will work with your life questions and explorations using a variety of tools and techniques to help you access your inner knowing.

Intuitive knowing can inform and guide all of your choices and inquiries. Intuition becomes a trustworthy ally and can assist in everything from pointing you to the right career path, shedding light on relationship concerns, helping you clarify your purpose and direction in life and deepening your spirituality.

Deep, abiding and boundless wisdom is ever-present and, as an aspect of Being, is the essence of who we are. Intuition is always available, quietly awaiting our attention.

In Intuition Mentoring sessions, you will:

  • Acquire tools and methods to access your intuition that are tailored to your individual needs.
  • Be able to distinguish the voice of inner wisdom from the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and images that comprise our personalities.
  • Learn how to balance and integrate your thinking mind and your intuitive mind.
  • Improve your problem-solving and decision-making abilities, therefore becoming more effective and efficient.
  • Identify blocks to trusting inner knowing and discover ways to overcome them.
  • Experience more flow and ease because your choices will be aligned with your true nature.
  • Increase your capacity to be present, slow down, focus attention and quiet the mind.
  • Cultivate a rooted trust in your own core.
  • Deepen your spirituality by expanding your awareness to a larger field of knowing. Your mind opens beyond the limitations of everyday consciousness and you are able to experience your interconnectedness with all of life and Being.

Sessions are one hour and are available on Zoom or phone. I offer a FREE 45 minute introductory consultation.

Rates for Intuition Mentoring are on a sliding scale of $95-125 per session.