As a result of many life challenges, focusing on my spirituality became a necessity. I knew I was in the right place when I met Susanne West. She is a woman of great integrity and wisdom who has a true, caring heart. Susanne helped me find my way home, and I am forever grateful.

~ Gloria Morales, Graphic Designer

Susanne West is one of the great mentors of my life. Her profound ability to teach, guide, and inspire opened up new worlds to me at a crucial time in my development, and she was the vital catalyst that directed me to clarify and shape the principles that became the foundation of all of my work.

Beyond my own personal transformation, I want to convey how you too will benefit from Susanne’s particular kind of genius. Her intellectual power is wrapped in a depth of kindness, compassion, and wisdom that will alter your life in unimaginable ways. And her work opens the flood gates so that inspiration can flow through you and take you on the blissful ride of your highest expression. You don’t want to miss the experience.

~Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times best-selling author (Why Good People Do Bad Things, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Spiritual Divorce, The Secret of the Shadow, The Right Questions and The Best Year of Your Life) and creator of the renowned Shadow Process Workshop

Susanne West is a truly extraordinary coach.  She consistently demonstrates exceptional coaching skills and is authentic, empathetic and deeply insightful.  Susanne is the ‘real thing!’  In our coaching work I learned to trust my own knowing and was empowered to take the next steps in my life with confidence and ease.

~ Philippe Berthoud, MFT

Susanne has a phenomenal influence in my personal and professional life. She has a unique way of calling me to my sacred center and invoking a dialogue with my deepest wisdom.

Susanne is a master of authentic living and has an amazing ability to empower leaders to step into their truth and lead from a place of grace instead of urgency. I am in gratitude for the support Susanne continues to offer me in reinventing myself to achieve whatever I want.

~ Inderjit Singh Bhogal, Vision Works Group, Executive Coach

Throughout my coaching sessions with Susanne, she has consistently helped me get right to the core of what’s really going on with me. She has guided me through very deep waters and brought me back to the surface into clarity and insight. Because of Susanne, I have become much more confident and empowered to take life on with enthusiasm and strength.

~ Chellsa Avelin, Life Coach

I had the great fortune of taking a class from Susanne West. What a treat! In her class, one relaxes profoundly and lets her genius work its miracle! Susanne is more than intelligent; she is masterful; she is more than insightful; she is highly creative; she is more than understanding; she drinks deeply at the well of wisdom. I was not only educated, I was enthralled and enlightened.

~ Frank Marrero, M.A.T., author of The View from Delphi; Orpheus, Two Views; Lincoln Beachy, The Man Who Owned the Sky; Big Philosophy for Little Kids.

In our writing group, Susanne touches places within that I may not even know are there, places that tickle and delight, places that are wild or subtle or places that stop the mind with pure gratitude for this life.  Spirituality is nurtured and intuition and the creative process blossoms under her clear, compassionate guidance.  The hand of grace has given Susanne West a gift.

~ Janet Bisbing, Social Worker

I always look forward to Susanne West’s  writing workshops, as a kind of gift I bestow upon my creative self, as I would offer a massage to my physical self. The environment she creates is like diving into plate of comfort food (mashed potatoes and gravy come to mind) – warm, nutritious, and satisfying. She nudges us to submerge into deep levels and challenges us to fly beyond perceived limitations. The sessions are filled with intensity, humor, epiphanies and focused work. I have learned to trust in my ability to extract the words I need to express the layers of myself through writing. This is a gift I take with me everywhere I go.

Judy Geller, Teacher

My experience of Susanne West’s writing group is of a sparkling atmosphere riddled with good will that supports and encourages artistic expression from the depths of one’s soul. Susanne allows all our capacities to shine.

~ Robert-Harry Rovin, Resource Counselor & Group Facilitato at Mill Street Homeless Center

Susanne does not try to force anyone into a predetermined mold.  Instead, she aims to liberate and encourage the artist (writer, etc.) to expand towards the potential she already seems to know is there.  Susanne holds this belief and reflects it back to her students as energy they can use for creative growth.

Her imaginative exercises invariably give my creative self license to take over, and I am always pleasantly surprised at the quality and content of what flows from me during our meetings.

~ Fred Anlyan, MBA, Writer and Marin County Real Estate Broker

I have been attending Susanne West’s workshops and groups for over five years. The atmosphere Susanne creates opens the door to creativity and Spirit.

She meets each participant where they are in their own process and helps each, at their own pace, to connect with and respect their own inner light and creativity.

I have attended many writing and creativity classes and workshops. None drew me to continue for years as this one has. I look forward to our meeting every time as a place where, no matter what else is going on in my life, I can reconnect and tune into the creative voice within. Susanne’s groups are truly a gift!

~Cheryl Herbsman, Writer and Mother of 2