A Soul-Centered Life

When you place Soul at the center of your life………

You are happier.  No longer grasping for happiness ‘out there’ you feel full – and whole.  You still have preferences, of course.  You’d love a great job with excellent benefits, good health rather than illness and well-being for your family and friends.  But your preferences are not demands anymore.  Your happiness is not dependent on having all your desires satisfied .  You are anchored in the joy of your true nature.  

You are at ease because you’re not arguing with reality.  You accept the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of life.  You often experience a state of ‘flow’ because you’re moving with life rather than trying to  impose your will on people, places and things.  You no longer always need it to be springtime.  You’re in harmony with the natural cycles of life.

You’re compassionate and generous.  Aligned with your heart and soul, you have discovered the basic goodness within yourself and all beings.  You are motivated to help those less fortunate than yourself.  Your heart is more open, less guarded.  You don’t need to turn away from suffering.  You experience our interconnectedness.  Sick or hungry children anywhere in the world, for example, are your children because you are a part of this huge family called humanity.

Your creative spark is ignited.  By tapping into your spiritual core you are accessing your ‘bright shadow’, the rich seed potentials that may have been dormant within you.  Creativity is the life-force and as you dip your toe or dive into this life-giving stream, you discover new possibilities for enrichment in your life.

In addition to opening to your light, other more challenging shadow aspects emerge, as well.  As you come into authentic relationship with yourself, feelings and parts of yourself that may have been hidden for years are likely to surface.  You embrace disowned and sometimes unrecognized parts of yourself and, in so doing, feel more and more ‘whole.’

You make wise life choices.  Why?  Because you are listening to your intuition, the voice of your Soul, much of the time now rather than the competing and often conflicting voices in your head.  As a result of making wise decisions you are becoming more effective in all that you do.

I know that many of you are engaged in Soul work and have experienced the benefits yourself of cultivating your spirituality.  I’m sure you’re discovered that becoming Soul-centered is not a smooth and easy or an overnight process.  As the Persian poet, Ghalib, wrote, “The drop of water goes through many difficulties before it becomes a pearl.”  Like all of life, this transformational work has challenges and cycles of ebb and flow. In spite of the difficulties we may encounter, placing Soul at the center of our lives brings rich and profound rewards and benefits the lives of those around us.

I wish you the very best on your wonderful Soul adventure.