Awakening Your Creativity

The creative force is the life force.  It is the deep river of aliveness that can course through your being and awaken joy and life-giving energies in you if you welcome it into your life.  Creative expression is not reserved for poets, actors, and artists.  You can express creativity in parenting, cooking, gardening, or building a business.  You will smile and shine more in every area of your life if you open the doors to your imagination and innovative spirit.

Here are five suggestions to help you awaken your creativity:

1. Move outside of your comfort zones

Take risks.  It’s okay to be uncomfortable.  If we only listen to and follow the directives of the egoic mind to live small and play it safe we’ll continue to operate at a fraction of our potential, knowing in the back of our minds that so much more is possible.  If big leaps feel intimidating, start with baby steps.  Carve out one or two short blocks of time on your calendar to spend on a creative project or contact some places nearby that offer art or cooking classes.  Gather information.  Choose to take action on some small risks initially, then take more chances as you become risk-friendly.

2.   Be present

The NOW is always fresh and vital, even if what you are present to is difficult or painful.  Choosing presence takes you out of your head and puts you into direct and immediate contact with life, your life – not life as it is perceived through the veil of thoughts, but the life of your body, senses, and feelings.

What sensations are you aware of in your body right now?  What do you see in front of you?  What do you hear and feel?  What is occurring right now within you and all around you?

3.   Say Yes! to wholeness, to the entire range of light and shadow experience

Clinging  only to the light separates us from the depth and richness of all of life.  We always want it to be springtime, to be ever-inspired and in a flow state.  But newness and brightness is only one of the dimensions of life.  Loss, sorrow, and times of darkness and introspection are as much a part of life as are new beginnings and abundance.  Beauty is everywhere, even in flaws and so-called defects.  Dare to include imperfections in what and who you love.

4.  Recognize your bright shadow projections

Take people off of pedestals and claim the creative qualities that you are projecting onto them.  One way of disowning our gifts is to unconsciously attribute positive aspects of ourselves to others.  We tend to idolize and often envy people who express talents that we wish we had and think we don’t. If, for example, you keep successful performers on pedestals, you’ll never discover the great artistry that is within you.  Turn the spotlight toward yourself and water those seed potentials that are thirsty for your attention.

5.  Listen to your intuition, the voice of your soul

Pause often.  Listen deeply.  Pose questions to your own knowing.  Ask for direction.  Where shall I express my creativity today?  How will my life be enhanced if I open up to creativity?  What is in my way?  How can I free up the creative impulse?

As the essence of who you are, boundless wisdom is ever-present, available at all times.  Your inner wisdom can provide all the answers you need.