Imagine Creativity!

Self-guided imagery is a powerful tool that can help you awaken creativity in your life. Imagery emanates from the unconscious and, in fact, is the language of the unconscious. The process of “seeding” and actualizing creative ideas can be greatly enhanced if we reach beyond the limits of the linear, analytical mind and include material from the imaginal realm of the psyche in the creative process.

Here is a process to assist you in igniting your creativity. Note: Creative expression is not limited to artistic or literary pursuits. For example, creativity can be expressed in cooking, gardening, parenting, or building a business.

Try This

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or recline. Close your eyes and let yourself settle into the chair or couch. Bring your awareness to your breathing and follow the breath for two or three minutes as it comes in and goes out, letting yourself relax as you align with the rhythm of your breathing.
  2. Remember a time from your childhood when you were fully engaged in creative expression in a positive way. For example, you were six years old and were building a fort in your backyard. You were twelve and were deeply engrossed in writing a story about your first ski trip.  Imagine this as vividly as possible and engage all of your senses. Relive the memory as if it’s happening now. Notice feelings that were present for you, your energy, and sensations in your body. Be aware of sounds, sights, scents and any other sensory experiences. Be with this for two or three minutes, letting yourself open fully to this memory.
  3. Next, let go of the memory, but continue to allow the sensations and feelings from this time to be alive for you now in your whole body/mind.
  4. Bring to mind a current or future creative project that you want to manifest, for example, playing the guitar or decorating a room. See and feel yourself engaging in this activity with the same energy, feelings, and sensations that you experienced that time in your childhood. Imagine this for two or three minutes or more.
  5. You can repeat this process as often as you’d like either before you begin a project or during a project to sustain your process, using the same or a different memory.

Another self-guided imagery option is to simply use the technique of Imagery Rehearsal without working with a memory.

  1. Repeat #1 from above
  2. Bring to mind a creative endeavor and consider the qualities that you want to express when engaging with your project, for example, enthusiasm, presence, clarity, receptivity, or spontaneity.  See and feel yourself experiencing and expressing these qualities in your body/mind as you immerse yourself in your project. Include all of your senses. Imagine this vividly for a few minutes or more and include as much detail as possible. Repeat this as often as you’d like.

I hope that you find your creative spark and move forward with creative expression in your life.