Life Questions, Soul Answers

Do you want your life choices to be aligned with your soul rather than based on fear or conditioning?  Many of the people I talk to are painfully aware of the consequences of making career, relationship or creative decisions that aren’t congruent with who they really are.  They yearn to hear the clear ring of truth and to have the courage to take action on what they know is true – sometimes at any cost.  They are no longer willing to abandon their souls. Times of choice represent powerful moments in our lives when we are challenged to stand in our truth, or not.  Which path do we choose?  Which inner voice do we listen to?  Will fear or wisdom be our guide?

A number of years ago I left a secure and valued position as a Department Chair in the university where I had taught since the late 80’s.  The year before I resigned, my intuition was whispering to me that it was time to give full attention to my coaching, teaching and writing and that I may need to resign as Chair.  I tried to ignore the inner promptings because I felt too scared to let go of this secure position.  The subtle whispers turned into loud commands in the form of stress-related symptoms and I knew that my body was telling me I had to leave.  It was time to take a leap of faith and heed my soul’s calling.  It turned out to be a perfect soul choice for me and reinforced my belief in the importance of being true to ourselves and taking risks, often without a map, guide or safety net.  By the way, the symptoms disappeared shortly after I handed in my letter of resignation.

Are you at a choice point in a relationship?  With your work?  Where to live?  Are you in fear about your personal finances and unclear about what ‘right action’ is for you?  Are you in a transition and want to be sure that your next steps are aligned with your deeper truths?  Do you want to claim your creativity, but can’t decide which avenue of creative expression is best suited for you? Soul Letters are one of many tools I use to access intuition.  They are an easy way to establish two-way communication between your conscious self and your inner knowing.

Try This ‘Soul Letter” Exercise

You will write two letters, one from you to your soul and one from your soul to you.  Frame your question(s) carefully and pose them to your soul as if you’re writing to your best friend and asking for advice.  Here’s an example:

Dear Soul (or Higher Power, Inner Wisdom, etc)

I want to make a commitment to my creativity this year as one of my new year’s self-care goals.  There are so many ways I could go: writing, photography, dance, painting or learning to play the guitar.  What is the best choice for me at this time and how should I proceed?


Before you begin the second letter, which is your soul responding to you, take a few deep breaths or stretch for a minute or so.  Practice learning to suspend your doubts and relax as you “take dictation” from your deep inner self. Stay present as you write, allowing the material to flow through you easily and effortlessly.  Keep your focus off of results and just write.

Write these Soul Letters as often as you’d like and bring any and all questions that you have.  Your inner wisdom is ever-present and can assist you in everything from offering wise counsel about your personal finances to helping you discover your life’s purpose and the best way to achieve it.  As you learn to let intuition inform your decisions and life choices, you will discover that every choice can be a soul choice.