Listening Graces the Scars

To listen
is to dethrone the never ending mind
be led
by the silky hushes of sky
thrumming of roots
the blood, the sounds of blood
the tears and wings inside words
the subterranean mind.

Listening delivers us
to the Vastness
at the core of everything.

To listen is to love.

When I don’t listen to you,
you become lonely, hollow.
I hear anger steaming
inside every word
and the spaces between.

We have listening wounds.
We were dismissed, at best.
It’s not our fault.
We need to scream about it,
listen to our wounds.
Let them speak.

Listening graces the scars.

Listen, feel
how our words close
when we are bitter.

Listen to what’s beyond
the fortress of thoughts.

To listen is to bless.

Listen to the other
until there is no other.

I am drawn to people
who hear quiet things.

The mountain
wants us to listen
the way She does.