Look for the One

Look for the one

with birds’ nests in her hair
three scars she’s proud of
uneven teeth
purple ink stains on her hands

the one
who will take you down
to the basement
show you
the hiding paces
where she played with ghosts
show you
the dollhouse
she wished she lived in
tell you why
she thinks she left it behind
ask you
if you think she is strange

who wants
to talk about rescue dogs
the haunted eyes of the winter homeless
how one look of love without fear
and one twenty dollar bill
can warm like the sun.
The one who wants
to talk about the sorrowing folks
in nursing homes
why poetry matters
how plant leaves love to be touched.

Look for the one
who knows
why we are scared and harm each other
who knows
how to be a river and swim with snakes
where golden threads can be found
and that Silence shines and takes care of us.

Look for the one who
who is drawn to you
by the depth of your heart –
above all else.

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