Why I Write, Dance, Paint …

I write, dance and paint because …

  • It’s a relief to get out of my head
  • My senses come alive and the world looks, sounds, smells and tastes delicious
  • If I don’t, I feel tired and irritable
  • It’s what kept me sane as a child and keeps me sane now
  • I want to laugh and cry more
  • I want to touch into deep time and space
  • I want to stay in communion with my Soul
  • Life’s bumps become more manageable
  • They’re safe ways to give voice to my ‘shadow selves’
  • I want to create new neural pathways in my brain
  • The seeming boundaries between spirit and matter dissolve
  • I love living life in full color
  • I want to see through the eyes of Rumi and Mary Oliver
  • I want to actualize my potentials
  • This is a creative universe and I want to help myself and others find our right place in it
  • I’m no longer afraid of looking foolish
  • I feel whole when I bring what’s inside outside
  • I love remembering that I have wings

Try This

“I cook, sing, hike, bike or _________because …

Three suggestions when you write this:

  1. Relax and let words, feelings and images spill onto the page
  2. Don’t censor
  3. Have fun