Always Here

My Light and shadows –
equally welcomed
by the Sacred.

I am tempted, at times,
to listen
to the seductive mind’s
soulless plans
for the dark and Light –
while Boundless Wisdom,
always here,
patiently waits for me
to turn to Her
for awe-inspiring
maps and directions.

Questions for Contemplation

This poem speaks to the limitations of the linear thinking mind and points to the value of attuning to Inner Knowing.

What are some of the ways that the rational mind is helpful to you? If you perceive limitations of the thinking mind, what are they?

What is your relationship to Intuiton? If you would like to cultivate or strengthen your connection to Wisdom Mind, you might try the following:

1. Find time each day to engage in non-linear activities that you enjoy, e.g. free writing, being in nature, meditation, listening to music or playing an instrument, somatic awareness, sitting in Silence – anything that doesn’t involve much (if any) attention to the thinking mind.

2. When you are relaxed, begin to present questions about your life, one at a time, to the non-linear domains of your being – subtle energies and feelings or the Silence within, for example. Pose fairly simple questions or concerns initially, and just listen, see, feel. If you’d like, you can write what comes to you.

A quote I like: “What you feed, grows.”