To Let Ourselves Happen

We were taught to
build a shrine to the mind,
the mind that divides
boxes us into the finite
needs constant fuel
to duel, rule, fortify the trance
that crowds out
the majesty of earth, breath, death,
birth, endless sky, roaring wind,
sighing wind, life-giving rain,
Spirit-matter Oneness.

If this trance is our god,
we won’t let ourselves happen.

When we allow the mind
to crack open,
break the spell of the known,
let ourselves happen,
we will
be found by Silence
see lines of poetry in the sky
know the kindness of Light
deeply feel the pain and blessings
of the dark
see portals where walls once were
feel the depth and breadth
of the open wounds
that are everywhere,
vow to help,
let Boundless Wisdom guide us.

May we let ourselves happen.

Questions for Contemplation

This poem points to the gifts of surrender and to the benefits of relaxing the tendency to become overly identified with the analytical mind.

What do the words “to let ourselves happen” mean to you?

What are some of the ways that identifying with the thinking mind may limit you? How does thinking critically and rationally serve you?