Ask the Children

Take dictation
from the flat stones
in the river bed.
They speak truth.

Attend a gathering of trees.
Feel them in communion
with the wind.

Fall into
Earth’s belly
where you can hear Her cries.

Ask Her what She needs.
Find the children
who brought Light, Love
and pieces of heaven
with them.
Ask them
how we can heal
the world pain.

Make your way through the shadowy
of the city.
Meet the eyes
and touch the souls
of our forgotten brothers and sisters.
Welcome their stories.
If you listen
with your whole being,
they will feel deeply held.

Converse with
the underworld
and the Infinite.

Sink into long, quiet times.
Turn towards the scars and stars
in your heart.
Explore your heart
from the inside.

Then, when you feel the call,
you can help our world
with your stories.

Questions for Contemplation

If you would like to further explore this poem, select a stanza that stands out to you. Is there a particular word, phrase, image, or feeling that speaks to you? If so, take a few minutes to settle in, relax and become quiet. Bring the word or image, for example, to mind and reflect on this for awhile. What does it evoke in you? Take as much time as you’d like to contemplate and/or write whatever comes to you.

Referring to the list in the sixth stanza that begins, “Converse with…”, choose one of the options that you’d like to invite to be in conversation with you. What questions do you have? What would you like to express? Take as much time as you need and, if you’d like, write the conversation down.