Dark Odyssey

When I cannot see stars
I dive headlong
into the dark.

The Ancients,
who know what binds us
what will help,
welcome me.

They hold me
until I feel safe
and sobs
trapped from lifetimes
burst free.

The Ancestors
whisper wisdom
and reveal gifts
of the Sacred Dark –
deep mothering
deep feeling
the ability to feel
the sorrow and grief of others
and the anguish of our Earth Mother
growing our hearts
guiding us
to the cries for Love
from our world
and from our own wounds,
in caves,
still longing
for our tender care.

I remember
the ways and treasures
of the Shadow.
I also remember the Light –
always present, if not seen.

I feel blessed into Wholeness
on this dark, Sacred day.

Questions for Contemplation

How do you relate to the words Sacred Dark?Do you resonate with the idea that grief and sorrow, for example, in addition to being painful and often difficult to navigate, may also contain ‘gifts’ such as those mentioned in the fourth stanza of the poem.

If you’d like to explore this further, bring to mind a time when you experienced grief or sorrow for a short or long period. Reflect on any ‘gifts,’ meaningful learnings or positive qualities that came forward in you as a result of this experience. If you’re drawn to do so, write about the ‘gift(s)’ of this dark passage.