Not Knowing

The world pain
is pounding
on my Soul.

Head on fire
with ‘what-to-do’s’
fueled by fear and urgency.

Can I sit for awhile
in spacious not knowing,
let Love cradle me
until the fire
is ashes
I can hear the wise counsel
of Boundless Wisdom
guiding me
towards right action.

Questions for Contemplation

Do you find your mind spinning these days in the face of personal difficulties or in response to the many challenges in our world right now? The thinking mind ‘needs to know,’ wants reasons, strategies, explanations. Uncertainty is not comfortable for the linear mind.

An invitation in this poem is to ‘sit for awhile in spacious not knowing.’ When you quiet your mind, you can access the Love and Boundless Wisdom that is ever-present within you. When it feels like the right time to turn to your intuitive knowing for guidance, here is an imagery exercise.

Find a place to sit comfortably. When you are ready, close your eyes and take a few minutes to settle in and relax. Imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature. Explore this environment for awhile and find a place to sit.  A figure, as a symbol of your inner wisdom, such as an eagle, dolphin, ray of light or a wise sage, will join you. You can ask any questions that are important to you and your wisdom figure will respond in a way that you will understand. Be in a dialogue as you would with a dear friend until you feel complete. You may want to write down the messages you received.