Telling Your Daughter

When there are difficult words
and I can remember
to soften,
I let them rise from my heart,
glide along my tongue,
float in the air
for some moments,
land gently.

When they arrive
I remain quiet, open –
nested in my heart
and hers.

Questions for Contemplation

When we have something painful or difficult to communicate to another person, there is an invitation here to soften, allow the words to come from the heart. This may not be easy to do, especially if we are frightened, angry, impatient or feeling constricted about this conversation which, of course, is natural if this is emotionally charged subject matter.

If you’d like to explore this, I’d recommend experimenting for awhile in situations that aren’t too intense. If you do, notice how you feel when you keep your heart open and soften in your expression. Also become aware of how the person you are speaking to receives your communication, continuing to speak and listen from the heart if conversation ensues.