Love Will Show Us

In spite of us
Love will continue
to bless
and shine
into every opening,
and onto asphalt,
and steel.

Love will blanket
tight fists
stiff bodies
clamped jaws
clenched minds,
all the barbs and thorns.

Love’s Light
will illumine
the pain
in our world,
show us
the wounds that need us.

Questions for Contemplation

In addition to personal wounds, what world wounds may be calling out to you for your love and attention?

If you’d like to explore this question, a suggestion is to take some time to free write about it.

Take a few minutes to settle in, relax, become quiet, and bring attention to your heart. Express your concerns and let your heart wisdom respond in writing. Take as long as you need, and write whatever comes to you.

If you feel drawn to consider a next step with regard to bringing love and attention to this wound, you can turn to your heart again and ask for guidance about this question.