Cups That Will Always Break

When I am true to the Sacred
that we are
not only does the
‘hungry for approval,
‘need to be special’ me,
slink away
from her self-made throne,
but she considers leaving
for a long while
because, really,
she is very tired.

When I am true to the Vastness
that we are,
the haunted beast of fear
I thought I was
becomes a gentle creature
who was always just looking
for Love.

The thoughts
I believed were real
relax their stiff postures,
lies and masks fall
into open space –
open space
that I was taught
always had to be filled.

The money
I thought I couldn’t survive without
the people I was certain
I couldn’t live without –
all started talking at once,
reminded me
that they began and will always end,
that they change and change –
to remember this
to stop pouring myself into cups
that will always break.

When I am faithful to the Divine
that we are
and everything that began, ends,
I might cry or wail,
struggle with saying good-bye.
Yet a deep Peace
will also be breathing
inside the tears
I’ll be able to say good-bye,
as I rest in the knowing
that it was time.

Questions for Contemplation

Which stanza in this poem speaks to you the most right now? Reflect on the lines for awhile and notice what is evoked in you.

Reflect on a time that you were being true to your deepest Essence. How was that valuable to you? What were the benefits of being faithful to your Sacred nature?