Safe Invitation

Sit at her feet
silent   still.
Be a safe invitation.
Open receive her open
so she can soften,
then whisper kindness
to her edges.
Watch with the eyes of your Soul.
She may find her story,
ask you to understand
and guide her
to a welcoming nest
for her pain,
to a welcoming nest
where she can heal.

Questions for Contemplation

There is an invitation in this poem to open to resistance when you experience it. When we open to obstacles rather than ‘resist’ them there is an opportunity to see deeper into them and discover what might be underlying the difficult state. Obstacles can be messengers from the psyche pointing us to something that may need our attention.

Sentence completion is a simple writing exercise to explore resistance, or blocks and stuckness of any kind.

Complete the sentences, taking 5 minutes for each one. Relax, let go and keep your hand moving without thinking about the responses as you write. Here are some examples, but you can create your own.

1. The feelings (or issues) behind my resistance to working on the project are __________________

2. When I ask my resistance what it wants to convey to me, it says __________________

3. What I can do to work with what is beneath the resistance is __________________